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1980 Media Mogul Ted Turner launch american first news channel CNN HD, at the time it was the only news channel that telecast news around the clock. CNN-Breaking-NewsSince its launch CNN Live is knows for its breaking news and it was CNN USA that break the news of 9/11 incident. CNN online is knows as the leader in the News World. The Channel play a very effective role in Gulf war 1991, september 11 attacks. CNN telecast marathon transmission in 2008 and 2012 US Election. CNN HD live is also known for its talk shows especially on Politics.

 CNN Famous Program

CNN Newsroom

Style with Elsa Klensch
Reliable Sources
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Keep Watching CNN live streaming and get the latest news as it happen.


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  • Raheel Khawaja

    I am very delighted after visiting this website. This is the genuine live streaming of CNN-international. Must watch website. i would like to thank all the members of this website who are associated with team.

    • Cnn Watcher

      i think the BEST way to control this mass virus is to stop people form
      going in and out of the effected areas of West Africa, only the
      scientists to conduct research and medical personnel to help with Ebola
      patients should be allowed but also have to be very careful. This way US and the rest of the world will not encounter a worldwide outbreak… Just a though!

  • c.srinivasan

    good, work, thank u all

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  • den

    THE Best English News


  • raedwulf16 .

    I listen almost exclusively to CNN.That said,I am appalled at the poor grammar that I see in the ad above this screen.It contains glaring and faulty grammar in just about every sentence! Look at it! I am not a purist. I can understand that non English speaking people can make mistakes at times; but,this is ridiculous.One could be forgiven for thinking that you have been sabotaged by a rival who wants you to appear to be illiterate.Thanks

    • Tom Rasor

      Does not matter to me, as I can understand their message. I’m grateful for their work and am not going to cry about minor issues,.

    • Zen Zappa

      you’re appalled…. good, enjoy it you grammar Nazi

    • geko

      Haha, hadn’t read it but not bothered by it either.

  • Sunny Lovetts

    Jesus Christ is KING.
    CNN = Government Propaganda

    • letfreedomringrh

      CNN = Government Propaganda

      Your are correct on both points Sunny – but we must use CNN (and the rest of MSM) as a source to keep track of the lies of the PTB, for God wants us to be the tool used to push back against their evil. God bless the world-wide “Truth Movement”, both seekers and spreaders of the truth – and God Bless and protect Alex Jones – the true source of TRUTH and the leader of the Alternative-Media/Truth-Movement the only place where the truth can be truly found!

      • Sunny Lovetts


      • Spencer Faulkner

        Stop watching then.

        • Sunny Lovetts

          Why? So the enemy can work its ways without us knowing?

          • Spencer Faulkner

            You are ignorant, that is all.

          • Sunny Lovetts

            I’m ignorant for not trusting the government run media? Hahaha okay then.

  • Spencer Faulkner

    amazing how the CDC had cleared that woman to fly to clev,OH. we really need to be smarter about this, considering the severity of the virus

  • Superhero

    So dumb. The whole thing! from the prez to the cdc.. what a mess. Are they making this up as they go along?

  • Mike Adams

    Ebola is going to kill us all!

  • Kaliman

    CNN no longer appears several days ago, is there a problem ?

  • Spencer Faulkner

    so watching the cnn reporter follow her roots and lineage, really has me curious to start my own search. I do know my grandpa came from germany during or after WWll. he is still alive but suffers from severe dementia at this late stage in his life. kinda saddens me because I’m sure he had lots of “Easter Eggs” hidden in that brain of his about my past and how my family came to be here in the states. all i know at this point is I am second generation here in the states. really has me curious to search and find more but travel to germany is going to be out of the question, due to the fact I am not fortunate enough to travel that far. hopefully someday I will be able to and unearth some awesome history about my family. I can almost say a lot of my family members had most likely fought for Hitler in WWll only because of the blonde hair blue eyes gene my family carries and know from school that anyone without blonde hair and blue eyes were killed or imprisoned during that time.

  • paizley


    • Sunny Lovetts

      MSNBC is government lap dog media.

      • Targeted Individual

        So is CNN but we watch never the less.

        • Sunny Lovetts

          Only to see what they are feeding the general public, yeah.

      • Libardo González

        No Republican freaks allowed here, please! Watch Fox News instead.

        • Sunny Lovetts

          Fox News is government owned too, controlled opposition. Control all sides of the debate, and you control the minds of men.

          Look up “Project Mockingbird”

  • CoMmAnDrX


  • Tom Rasor

    Looks like the mandatory quarantining of NY-NJ health workers that save lives in Africa is going to cause poor ol’ Sanja to become radicalized. Did you see his interview when it was announced? He was MAD, and rightfully so. I wish he was our Surgeon General.

  • CoMmAnDrX

    This is not CNN Live!

  • CoMmAnDrX

    Now this is MSNBC!

  • CoMmAnDrX

    I see you replaced CNN with MSNBC on all your sites.


  • CoMmAnDrX

    MSNBC is not CNN!

    • Sunny Lovetts


  • CoMmAnDrX

    CNN working here www showscorners com/cnn-live-streaming

  • Sunny Lovetts


    • CoMmAnDrX


      • Sunny Lovetts

        INFOWARS . COM

  • The RaFF ♨


  • Tom Rasor

    Going to an AC/DC concert is like visiting the Smithsonian. Ancient history can be priceless.

  • Ben Bradlee

    CNN should really lose the morning fat lady and get a better-looking announcer, maybe Brooke or Brianna. Oh and in case you feminists/Jesus freaks out there need a reality check: Yes! Appearance DOES matter. Maybe your mother will still love you if you’re fat and ugly, but nobody else will.

  • Ben Bradlee

    Honduras police should really stick it to the lowlifes down there. What’s with all the homicides? For the amusement of scumbags?

  • J J

    kudos to the reporters!!! BE SAFE!!!!!!!!!! get out of there!!!!!

  • J J

    unlawful right to assemble when violence is present. Hence why they are saying it is unlawful to assemble

  • Guest

    Room for Emu’s in here?

  • Guest


  • Theleedler

    Leedle leedle leedle lee.

  • john457

    this is not peaceful protest. Just give them tear gas and water canons to disperse them.

  • Zack Wooten

    Thugs gone wild

  • Bill

    What bullshit. The thug was guilty of strong-armed-robbery and deserved just what he got. The people protesting obviously can’t discern between right and wrong. These people think it’s o.k. to hit the police……it’s not tragic…’s not painful….WTF! I’m so tired of this Negro bullshit.

  • Bill

    I’m also tired of the politically correct white pussys afraid to speak the truth. Mike Browns parents suck. They’re the real reason Mike Jr. is dead. Do either one of them have a fucking job? I doubt it. Section 8–food stamps—Obama phone—–medical——child care——-Free Oprah tickets, free physic hotline, free parking, free bus tickets, free college education, more free parking, free books, free pencils, free lockers, free back-pacs, free lunch….FUCK! Can the poor white man possibly help a little more?

  • Bill

    Could we please get some free donated Blond hair weaves for the poor Negro sisters?

  • Bill

    So the Brown Family don’t believe shit. You should have asked them if they believed he robbed the store and took the cigars……stupid niggers would probably have answered: no I don’t believe that’s my son…….You got the shit on film and still they would not believe it. Do you assholes believe the money is green? Fucking idiots!